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 Meet Dermot O'Reilly!


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After making the terrible discovery, at a very early age,  that he'd never make it as a rock star, Dermot built a career in business management and marketing. Like so many Irish people of a certain generation, the 80's saw Dermot taking the familiar trip to London where he worked for a variety of companies in Manufacturing, Distribution, The Arts and Social Enterprises. It took a huge effort to get Dermot out of college and into the real world. He is a graduate of UCD, WIT and  Kingston University, London. Rather than having any interesting hobbies, Dermot is constantly researching the latest trends in Service Design,Marketing, Place Branding, Lean Manufacturing and services, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Sounds like a fun guy!



Dermot and Bernie


The Story Of SCI


Solutions Consultancy is the brainchild of Bernadette Clancy and was founded in 2014. Dermot O'Reilly joined the company during it's set up phase and the team have since been bringing their take on innovation, design thinking, service design, place branding and process improvement to Irish industry. The objective of what they do, is to increase brand equity for any organisation they interact with, by giving them the tools and processes to delight their customers by constantly surpassing their promise. The team are also determined to see this type of creative thinking applied to startups and deliver workshops around Ireland.


In a nutshell the Innovation Solutions Consultancy Ireland can bring to any organisation is to improve it's product, service or process in a way that adds value to it's customers.



Workshops Available For New and Established Enterprises:


  1. Applying Innovation
  2. Perfect Pitching and Successful Selling
  3. Build a Brand!
  4. Idea Generation and Testing
  5. Lean Start Up
  6. How to Market Your Business Effectively
  7. Innovative Digital Marketing Planning
  8. Customer Services
  9. Effective Selling Skills
  10. Fundamentals of Lean for SME's and Microbusinesses
  11. Start Your Own Business (3 day course)




  Meet Bernadette Clancy!


Bernie and Dermot Wooden Background


Having gotten over the feelings of vertigo induced by living outside The Pale, Bernadette detatched from her Dublin roots and settled in Tipperary. During her career in Dublin, London and locally, Bernadette has moved through management positions in waste management, the hospitality industry and international property transactions.

After realising she had made a terrible error of judgement in studying accounts, Bernadette moved into broader management spheres. She is a graduate of UCD and Tipperary Institute (now LIT), where she was constantly seen burning the midnight oil in the students bar (if only they had one). Constantly seeking service excellence wherever she goes, Bernadette can be categorised as one of the country’s top serial complainers.


 Click Below to See Bernadette and Dermot talking about how innovation can and should apply to any organisation.