brand led growth

“Brand Led Growth, established in 2007, is a Dublin-based strategic brand consultancy with a range of local and international clients. We asked Solutions Consultancy Ireland for their assistance on a project for one of our clients in the retail banking sector. The challenge was to identify a range of cutting edge examples of customer service from other categories which could act as inspiration for them in their thinking on how to improve their own service.

We gave Dermot and Bernadette a very tight brief – we had identified specific themes for improving customer service and it was important to find the right examples that matched those themes. Their response was excellent – through a combination of brainstorming and internet desk research, they identified a very wide range of highly relevant examples. They also applied their strategic insight to analyse why these ideas worked so well, and identified ways in which they could be applied to the retail banking sector.

Overall, the combination of outside the box creative thinking and strategic insight was very impressive – and the work was turned around extremely rapidly to meet a very tight deadline. I look forward to working with Solutions Consultancy Ireland again on future projects. “



Hoops a Daisy Hula Hoops For Adults

 I just wanted to say thanks for the workshop on 13th july, it was such a pleasant change not to have a couple of suits just standing in front of you reading from a power point display. I enjoyed the little drawing exercises and found the idea of naming my customer and looking at things through their eyes very useful.

Now when I'm on facebook I don't just look at pages that interest me I scout about and see what my customers are posting and commenting on.

I am now gathering youtube clips in a playlist which , when I find the right web site designer, I hope to post on my website as it seems hula hoopers and jugglers never tire of watching other people showing off their skills.

So thank you again for putting me in their shoes and enabling to find out what will hopefully get people to my web site again and again.


Clodagh Blake, Photographer

I found the workshop very informative. It really put me thinking going home, and I have found new ideas now to put into my business and I have  gained more customers from it THANKS  Dermot and  Bernadette.


Frank Bourke,  iniscara logo

I first encountered Dermot and Bernadette performing a workshop on Innovation for the Tipperary Micro Business Network. I became intrigued by the methods and processes they suggested could be applied to any industry. I later contacted them when I had some ideas for expanding my business into other areas. This was quite a daunting prospect for me, but I knew that what their perspectives and support could bring to my new venture would give me a greater chance of success. 

Dermot and Bernadette worked with me, encouraging me to stay focused on the problems I faced rather than jumping directly to solutions. They worked through a step by step approach to unlock my creativity, differenciating my business offering from my competition and ensuring the structure I had in place would support me along the milestones. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend Solutions Consultancy Ireland to anyone. Their creative insights were only matched by their level of professionalism and process driven solutions to the tasks I faced. I learned a lot from them and enjoyed their unique style while working with them. 


Rainbow Healing

I found the workshop very informative and learned a lot about identifying my target audience and how to market my service with new ideas to improve my business.


Bridget Flannery, Artist and Painting Workshop Facilitator. Painting

Thank you for such an inspiring workshop this morning in Carlow. It has given me a lot of ideas and tools to work with, all of which will sharpen my focus as I inch forward with this renewed direction to work. I particularly liked your use of the word 'delight' in your presentation as this is an often overlooked emotion in the workplace by both workers and clients. And we do gain delight from our work!
Wishing you both continued success and again thank you for today's workshop.