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Ah yes!!!! We all remember the heady days when we were thought in business schools that the main steps to success were to establish customer expectations and deliver on them, creating customer satisfaction. This, we were told, would reap the wonderful benefits of creating brand loyalty and customer retention, saving us huge amounts of money on transaction costs and customer acquisition costs. Oh, what a pleasant picture it painted.

These days it has been seen that this scenario will not last. Any advantage you gain will be continuously eroded and your customers will be very fickle, moving from one supplier to another, with ease, displaying no loyalty and having a raft of other online suppliers to choose from.

So, how did this scenario occur? Its easy to see. The term “satisfy” was never enough, and to set your sites on giving your customers a satisfactory evening in a hotel or a satisfactory motor car was never enough. In order to survive in today's business environment, you must exceed expectations and delight your customers, otherwise you will lose them faster than you can find new ones. These days one unsatisfied customer can reach hundreds of potential ones, through social media and rating websites, destroying your brand and making it extremely difficult to recover.

Solutions Consultancy Ireland can provide you with a way to turn this scenario on its head.

Firstly.    You must know your customer... Not as some disembodied marketing segment, but on a real HUMAN level.

Secondly. You must understand their emotional ques and be able to follow their journey of  experience with your organisation, managing each step to make it work in a way that creates JOY for them.

Thirdly. You must be completely transparant. Customers will no longer fall for sales speak and promises that could never be fulfilled. You must DELIVER.... Over and Above!

Fourthly. You must align your resources and key partners in a way that can deliver real benefits for both your customer and YOU!

Fifthly.    You must be able to tell your customers that you have the only answer to their deep seated needs. You must be able to tell them this in a Language that constantly reinforces your value proposition.

Through our skills in customer discovery, profiling, journey path analysis, design thinking, implementation and marketing, Solutions Consultancy Ireland can give you the means to delight your customers.... Not only keeping them coming back, but getting them to bring all their friends, through making them into online advocates.

If the present seems like choppy waters....Allow us to help steer a course to your new future, so you can get on with what you do well.... Running Your Organisation!


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Start ups Aided by Innovation Consultants

Irish start up companies and micro businesses are being given a boost by being given the tools to apply innovation to their ventures at their development stages. Innovation is not just the remit of large multinational firms, but can become part of the structure of any venture. The team have developed a range of workshops which have been rolled out around the country, with great feedback from participants. To date Solutions Consultancy Ireland has performed workshops in Carlow, Waterford, Tipperary, Wicklow, Meath, Laois, Cork and Limerick and are expanding nationwide in 2017. The good news is that these workshops can be applicable to all enterprises, no matter what their purpose is or what stage of development they are at. Current workshops include: Applying Innovation, Lean, Perfect Pitching and Successful Selling, Build a Brand!, Idea Generation and Testing, Lean Start Up, How to Market Your Business Effectively and Innovative Digital Marketing Planning.




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Bernadette Clancy and Dermot O'Reilly. 

Ireland's Design Thinking and Innovation Specialists

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