Gaining Competitive Advantage

When we hear of competitive advantage, we tend to think about how two similar products stack up against each other in a price or quality comparison. That is still very true, people will still talk about the best quality or price when it comes to a product or service.... The question I would put to you is this: “What does it cost you to compete on either of these fronts?” To be of the best quality presents a multitude of problems with manufacture, materials, scalability, skilled labour, presentation, packaging, experential elements and on and on and on..... Price is more simple. All the competitors in an industry will compete on price constantly driving down the price to gain advantage and eventually driving each other and themselves out of business.

Okay, so neither of these competitive strategies sound appealing? If we really knew who our customers are, we would know what mattered to them, that would make them choose X over Y. You see, people aren't that simple that they go around like automotons choosing every purchase based purely on price or quality. They are much more complicated and have a lot of internal processes that come into play in order to decide which product, or service they are going to buy. I bet you know someone who displays brand loyalty to a certain product or service, while you know that deep down, they know it's overpriced crap.... Ever wondered why that person seems to keep making that decision?

Cutting to the chase! Solutions Consultancy Ireland can help you to escape from the raft of “ME TOO!!!!” products and services out there.

To compete in the current business world, you have to be different... Not just say you are different, but BE DIFFERENT! We know it doesn't sound easy in a flooded market place, with increasing competition coming from around the world, as online sales shrink the globe, but we can help you make it happen, by using design thinking with you and your team.

We can make you different, by showing you how to put your customer's needs at the centre of what you do. We can move you away from what you are, to what you do. We can help you to think in a CREATIVE way to break out of the standard pack and really be different.

We can show you how to make your difference obvious to your CUSTOMERS, by communicating directly to them.

We can help you make it happen, as you push the boundaries of your product or service into uncharted waters, creating a BLUE OCEAN for your company and leaving your competition to sink!


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Start ups Aided by Innovation Consultants

Irish start up companies and micro businesses are being given a boost by being given the tools to apply innovation to their ventures at their development stages. Innovation is not just the remit of large multinational firms, but can become part of the structure of any venture. The team have developed a range of workshops which have been rolled out around the country, with great feedback from participants. To date Solutions Consultancy Ireland has performed workshops in Carlow, Waterford, Tipperary, Wicklow, Meath, Laois, Cork and Limerick and are expanding nationwide in 2017. The good news is that these workshops can be applicable to all enterprises, no matter what their purpose is or what stage of development they are at. Current workshops include: Applying Innovation, Lean, Perfect Pitching and Successful Selling, Build a Brand!, Idea Generation and Testing, Lean Start Up, How to Market Your Business Effectively and Innovative Digital Marketing Planning.




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Bernadette Clancy and Dermot O'Reilly. 

Ireland's Design Thinking and Innovation Specialists

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