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These days, it is very widely understood that your brand is your most valuable asset. Tables are now available, online, showing the brand equity of some of the best known brands. These tables show values on symbols such as a surreal metallic fruit, a tick or a pair of golden arches in hundreds of billions of dollars.

These enterprises didn't just get to this position by chance. They worked at building their brands all the time. It is not just the remit of established multi nationals. Every organisation needs to recognise the concept of brand equity and build it, from inception onward!


How is it done?

Solutions Constantly Ireland can get you to understand the architecture of branding, moving away from the tangible elements to the more emotive aspects.

We can show you a multitude of areas and elements that can be adjusted to gain the right reaction from your market.

We can show you where your branding will fall into marketing campaigns, how it will work through different online and traditional advertising platforms.

But crucially, we will show you how it can work with people. There is no black art to getting marketing right.... It is just a question of knowing how your specific market will react.


Solutions Consultancy Ireland


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How do you Create, Deliver and Capture the Value you are not creating now?



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Start ups Aided by Innovation Consultants

Irish start up companies and micro businesses are being given a boost by being given the tools to apply innovation to their ventures at their development stages. Innovation is not just the remit of large multinational firms, but can become part of the structure of any venture. The team have developed a range of workshops which have been rolled out around the country, with great feedback from participants. To date Solutions Consultancy Ireland has performed workshops in Carlow, Waterford, Tipperary, Wicklow, Meath, Laois, Cork and Limerick and are expanding nationwide in 2017. The good news is that these workshops can be applicable to all enterprises, no matter what their purpose is or what stage of development they are at. Current workshops include: Applying Innovation, Lean, Perfect Pitching and Successful Selling, Build a Brand!, Idea Generation and Testing, Lean Start Up, How to Market Your Business Effectively and Innovative Digital Marketing Planning.




Re-Imagineer your business and unlock

it's full potential, building brand value and

real customer loyalty


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Bernadette Clancy and Dermot O'Reilly. 

Ireland's Design Thinking and Innovation Specialists

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