Solutions Consultancy Ireland

What we do?

  • We create links to national and international business in different industries to generate new opportunities for Irish companies in Ireland, Europe and the US

  • We are working with entrepreneurs and SMEs internationally providing online mentoring and business advice for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

  • Turn problems into opportunities, analyse new ideas, innovate, redesign and reinvent your business and yourself and further develop your leadership skills.

  • We offer comprehensive opportunities to the arts and crafts sector in Ireland, providing artisans and designers with a bespoke service to enable them reach their full potential by making a global connection to expand their craft and develop their sustainable businesses

Who are our clients

If you are a starting your own business or you are an established SME or re-starting your business, the team at SCI are currently providing this sector with online mentoring, business advice, life coaching skills and workshops, in design thinking, innovation, creativity and transformation to help you reach your full potential by guiding you to stand out from the others by being remarkable.

Now more than ever your business needs growth, we currently work in collaboration with the Irish American Business Network to support almost thirty micro-businesses in Ireland, we have five channel partners in the US which include the Irish Examiner USA and the Irish American News who we provide with our clients PR to boost trade and partnerships for Irish based companies. 

About me

Bernadette Clancy

Since founding SCI in 2015 Bernadette has been putting her expertise in Innovation, Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship successfully into the challenges faced by SMEs, Entrepreneurs and Start-ups. She is committed to building purpose driven leadership for business and social impact. She has a Post Graduate Certificate in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise, a Post Graduate Certificate in Business in Management Development and nine executive certifications in relevant fields such as Business Strategy for Social Impact, Design Thinking for Business Innovation, Lean in Manufacturing and Service and Sales Strategy.

By 2018 she felt it was time for change. There were other projects she wanted to include in her work and she restructured her business and changed her personal life too – this did not happen overnight. She focused in her spare time on continuing to develop her professional skills while she reinvented my business model.

Originally she hired a person she worked with but after much thought she longed to work independently and in March 2020 she cut ties and let that person go. This opened a door on a new chapter in her professional and personal life.

Bernadette is an advocate of continuous professional development. Throughout the years, Bernadette has provided workshops, business clinics and one to one mentoring for individuals and groups of entrepreneurs, through Local Enterprise Offices, Development Companies, Enterprise Ireland, New Frontiers and third level colleges. She also delivered Lean4micro programmes for established SMEs. During this time, she has mentored crafts people and designers of handcrafted goods and discussed the many challenges they face when it comes to selling their product to the market.

In March 2020 Bernadette set up Crafters of Ireland an award winning PR and promotional service for artists, crafters and designers based in Ireland and Celtic crafts people from around the world. This has seen this growing group of people flourish due to exposure created by COI in Ireland, Europe and the US. Bernadette works in collaboration with one of the largest Irish American business networks to host live exhibitions, this led to an opportunity to work in collaboration with a Portuguese network and other European organisations that she is involved in to promote this sector. 

She continues to provide much needed one to one mentoring and business advice to micro businesses and SMEs as business owners nationally and internationally try to keep up with the seismic changes due to Covid lockdowns - paralyzing their ventures.  

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