• I had a one to one mentoring session with Bernadette and what an hour that was I learned do much in that hour. I loved Bernadette's practical approach, no nonsense approach to business. I have had the experience with other mentors in the past who shared their theoretical knowledge with me but I found I had nothing concrete to take away that I could implement in my business afterwards. After my session with Bernadette I have a series of action steps to implement and I have no doubt when I do these they will bear fruit. Bernadette is kind and generous with her time, she not only share her extensive business knowledge she also builds you up as a person she instills confidence in you and a belief that you can do this and she imparts little gems of wisdom such as Silence is golden - the power lies in the Silence. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bernadette as a mentor you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting Bernadette. Thank you Bernadette for your help, advice and encouragement I really appreciate it.
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Community Champion Honoree

We are absolutely delighted to feature in the Irish Echo - Crafters of Ireland is a strand to Solutions Consultancy Ireland. Using the same techniques and business strategy we use with entrepreneurs from any industry we applied it to the Arts, Crafts and tourism sector and we are proud to receive this prestigious award in return.

An update on Solutions Consultancy Ireland

In July 2015 I founded Solutions Consultancy Ireland and I have worked with hundreds start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs initially via Local Enterprise Offices, Development Companies, Institutes of Technology and Enterprise Ireland where my role was in designing and delivering workshops, bootcamps, courses, business advice and mentoring via Ireland’s state supports in all that encompasses business. Now I work with people in business nationally and internationally, providing them with new and innovative advice and solutions to barriers they face. My reputation has grown through word of mouth because of the real and lasting results gained from our remote mentoring service. 

By 2018 I felt it was time for change. There were other projects I wanted to include in my work and I wanted to restructure my business and change my personal life too – this did not happen overnight. I focused in my spare time on continuing to develop my professional skills while I reinvented my business model.

Originally I hired a person I worked with after much thought in March 2020 I cut ties and let that person go. Then I opened a door on a new chapter in my professional and personal life.

For the past 25 years I have been an advocate of continuous professional development, this has stood to me by allowing me to pull together what I learn from some of the best universities around the world and applying elements to both of my businesses – Solutions Consultancy Ireland and Crafters of Ireland including a wide variety of industries I have had the opportunity to work with since the beginning.

I built my repertoire to become an asset to others and to become a successful entrepreneur who could bring something new to business.  The more industries I have worked in, the more experience I have gained at all levels, the further I grew through promotions, the more I could bring to the table.

I love what I do, I love helping others and I have met and connected with some amazing people on my journey.

Solutions Consultancy Ireland work hand in hand with Crafts Sector in Ireland and the hospitality sector. 

Bernadette cannot put into words how thrilled she is to have been awarded Business Management Consultancy of the year by the Republic of Ireland Prestige Awards. She founded Solutions Consultancy Ireland in 2015 and Crafters of Ireland in 2020 – A company which specialises in PR and promotion for the Crafts sector in Ireland. She has also been the managing director of Solutions Consultancy Ireland since 2015.

Bernadette set up Crafters of Ireland in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. It is a support service for craftspeople in Ireland and Celtic craftspeople from around the world. The concept of Crafters of Ireland was innovative and she quickly found five channel partners who were happy, not only to promote craftspeople in Ireland, but Celtic craftspeople around the world.

Bernadette also promotes Ireland as a destination to tourists globally and she successfully highlights the Irish hospitality sector to people travelling to Ireland.

Now for 2022 Crafters of Ireland’s brand new and improved website will be launching soon. This website will be much faster and more user-friendly. This is welcome news because we always want to deliver the very best service to our vendors and customers. This brand new service caters for Irish and Celtic crafters from around the world. 

Check us out here: https://www.craftersofireland.com

Solutions Consultancy Ireland, "We challenge ourselves to be exceptional".

Delighted with achieving 100% in my favourite subjects, Creativity, Innovation and Transformation, and it's my twelfth certificate from some of the best universities on the globe. The best thing though is that since 2015 as I study either in college physically or online, I apply all these new techniques and methodologies to my work as a management consultant, mentor or business advisor, so that I can deliver the very best to my clients. Building your repertoire is a vital part of being an asset to others and to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The more industries you have worked in, the more experience you have gained at all levels, the further you grow through promotions, the more you can bring to the table. I have always been an advocate of CPD and this is something I have engaged in over the last twenty years. Pulling together what I learn and applying elements to projects I work on over the years, whether through state supports such as Local Enterprise Offices, Development Companies and Enterprise Ireland for all that encompasses entrepreneurship, from micro businesses to SMEs, with courses, workshops or boot-camps and in my business advice / mentoring sessions. Lately there is a higher demand for this one-to-one service as business owners strive to reinvent their service through redesigning their business model. 

Mentor at She is Mom

Bernadette Clancy has a wealth of experience in a wide variety of management positions and a spectrum of industries, ranging from hospitality to waste management, manufacturing and property development. She has post graduate qualifications in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise and Management Development.

She set up Solutions Consultancy Ireland in 2015 to provide a resource for innovation, design thinking and strategic skills to companies irrespective of size or function.

Since then she has been instrumental in helping start-ups, micro businesses, entrepreneurs and SME’s throughout Ireland to thrive and grow using the most current management techniques in Planning, Management Development, Business Strategy for Social Impact, Sales Strategies, Innovation and Design Thinking.

She also specializes in the Business Model Canvas and using the nine building blocks to differentiate your business idea, bring value and find the product market fit. The art of the sales conversation (yourself to employers and your business to investors) a toolkit which is essential for entrepreneurs stepping out into the world.

The importance of networking, how and where to network, tips that once practiced and fine tuned gives the entrepreneur confidence to make an impact on potential employers, clients or partners.

In 2020 she founded Crafters of Ireland, a support service for the arts and crafts sector. She is a believer in continuous professional development, and she has proven that even if you have left school early, you can learn what you need to know specifically for your needs to have a viable, remarkable, and thriving business and/or career.

Finally, learning can be tough, but it should also be fun. She is the mother of three grown up children who juggled rearing children with study and building her career. Bernadette really enjoys meeting new people and she strives to have a lasting positive impact on the lives of those she mentors.

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