Our Feature in the Irish Echo USA

We are absolutely delighted to feature in the Irish Echo - Crafters of Ireland is a strand to Solutions Consultancy Ireland. Using the same techniques and business strategy we use with entrepreneurs from any industry we applied it to the Arts, Crafts and tourism sector and we are proud to receive this prestigious award in return. 

Irish Echo USA 

I feel honoured and proud to have been included in the Irish Echo Seventh Annual Irish Community Champions Awards 2022 and receiving such a prestigious award.

To be recognised as a 2022 Community Champion Honoree for our work at Crafters of Ireland, (a strand to what I do via Solutions Consultancy Ireland) it couldn’t come at a better time and has put a spring in my step. I would like to congratulate the 24 other awardees on their well-deserved recognition for all their hard work and dedication.

The Irish Echo have supported our work since it’s inception, and for that we are eternally grateful. Through the highs and lows of this particular type of work for the Arts and Crafts sector in Ireland and for the promotion of small Irish business and #Ireland herself as a #destination.
Thank You too for the feature which sheds light on what I do and some things people would be surprised to know about me.

What can I say….this has made my year! Thank You Irish Echo CEO Connla McCann and Editor, Ray O’Hanlon and the whole team who’ve worked hard to bring joy to all who received this fabulous award.

An update on Solutions Consultancy Ireland 


Solutions Consultancy Ireland, "We challenge ourselves to be exceptional".

In October we worked with John Rankin, Managing Director, Corporate121 who developed a new and innovative service for employers and HR departments "a real-time online platform that looks at business systems from a personnel perspective and analyses if people are or will be good at working together or not, because 'people work with people".

Established in 2008 with an impressive array of corporate clients in their portfolio, the service covers Team Interaction Review, Conflict Analysis, People Collaboration Solutions, Stress Identification and Causes. Their programmes ensure the improvement of employee engagement by comparing personalities to see if they are compatible or not and offers real people solutions. This insight into human nature and interpersonal behaviour allows the business leader to impartially select the correct person to fit the right team - giving substantially higher productivity and profitability. Work can be done inb person or remotely in the global market.


Here is what John had to say about our service:

"Bernadette is an amazingly knowledgeable mentor and business consultant. The way she helped me view all the aspects of my business from looking at the question "Was I targeting the right type of client or business" to cost structures was a real eye opener. Highly recommended".

Solutions Consultancy Ireland are proud to challenge themselves to be exceptional. We work with SMEs, Micro-businesses, Start-ups and Entrepreneurs to provide them with the very latest tools for Innovation, Creativity and Transformation.

Bernadette Clancy,
Managing Director.