Irish American Business Network

We work in collaboration with the largest Irish American Business Network to create growth and sustainability for almost 30 micro-businesses in Ireland via PR, Promotion and Live Events. 

Marketing for New Products and Services

The Brand Led Growth consultancy works with Solutions Consultancy when they need to bring their creative approach to projects in industries as diverse as banking, international launches for new beverages and creating new tourism offers.

Design Thinking

Loocidity are a design thinking company based in California. They bring their considerable skill and experience on board with SCI for projects that require particular emphasis on the interaction between people, products and frontline service experiences.

Irish Georgian Chamber of Commerce

Irish-Georgian Chamber of Commerce we are ready to provide companies from Ireland and Georgia with full information regarding import-export regulations. We are ready to pioneer new innovations and business opportunities that will increase trade and cultural relationship between Ireland and Georgia.


The only company in Ireland that is approved to deliver courses on innovation from this prestigeous American University. SCI can take an organisation from white to yellow and green belts in Innovation in conjunction with their partners in the States providing a recognised qualification in the subject.


As trainers on Enterpreise Ireland's New Frontiers programme, SCI deliver courses on how to take an idea and make it into a viable business by understanding the value it creates, delivers and captures for it's intended audience.

Training and Mentoring

SMEs and micro businesses require a very specific skillset if they are to thrive and grow. SCI are on the training and mentoring panels with several Local Enterprise Offices around the country to provide small business in Ireland with the support it needs.

Lean Consultancy

Solutions Consultancy Ireland are members of the Lean Directory and as such, help organisations to become more effective and efficient through the adoption of lean principles delivering real impact.